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InvisiMind was founded in January 2020 by Spencer Smith. Spencer grew up with dogs and cats inside the home and his experiences as a child created an everlasting love for animals. However, due to the pet restrictions of university housing, Spencer was forced to leave his pets at home when moving off to college. After two long pet-less years, Spencer moved into a single-family home. Shortly after moving in, he purchased his first dog, a Pomsky named Leo. Spencer was excited to have his very own dog in college and things were going great. However, whenever some abandoned kittens were dumped in his neighborhood, he could not stand to watch them starve and began to feed them. A couple days later, in the middle of the night, Spencer was startled by subtle meowing and thought his roommate had locked a cat in the garage. To his surprise, he opened the main front entrance door and she was pawing on the glass door to get in. Due to his soft heart and love for animals, Spencer rushed to get some flea and tick medicine so he could safely let the kitten indoors. However, he had to find a way to separate the kitten from the dog for feeding so the dog didn't eat the kitten food or hurt the kitten. After buying baby gates, he realized the hassle of having to set down handfuls of groceries or laundry to open the gate. Nor did they stop the cat from taking her toys to the dog. After tripping several times trying to hurdle the gates, Spencer knew the severity of the dangers and began brainstorming alternatives. That is when he discovered the unmet need of invisible fencing inside the home. Existing options lacked customization, multi-pet zoning, or wireless capabilities. Therefore, he set out to create a customizable wireless multi-pet fencing solution that could be used indoors while naturally blending into the aesthetics of the home.


We envision a life where our furry family members can roam the house, play, and enjoy their lives without compromising their safety or making us redesign our homes. A life where homes are no longer physically segregated by clunky pet gates and barriers that create nuisances and safety hazards. We envision a product that blends seamlessly into the home, but still allows our furry family members to have their own personalized play-zone. A product that will forewarn us about potential health or safety issues to protect families from untimely disasters. We envision a life for furry family members where they are treated and cared for as if they were biological children. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction by providing only the highest quality products and service.


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CEO & Founder


Spencer Smith is an undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma studying computer and electrical engineering, marketing, franchising, and entrepreneurship. He purchased his first dog while in college and later rescued two feral kittens. Soon, he discovered how difficult it was to keep all of the animals safe. Between the cats delivering choking hazards to the dog and the dog devouring the kittens prescription food, Spencer was inspired to create a product that would keep cats and dogs safe without segregating each other with clunky troublesome pet gates, baby gates, or makeshift physical barriers.

Business & Legal Advisor


Billy Smith graduated from the University of Oklahoma earning his B.A. in 1979 and his J.D. in 1982. He began his career in law in 1982 concentrating on the areas of commercial collections, civil litigation, and creditors' rights in bankruptcy. He is also a member of the Oklahoma and Tulsa County Bar Associations, Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association, and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Section of the Commercial Law League of America. On top of legal expertise, Mr. Smith has launched several LLC's and currently holds 9 patents. His products are carried by renowned suppliers including Lowe's and Home Depot. He provides critical knowledge for business development.

Research & Development Advisor


Mr. Hendricks is the director of the Sooner Innovation Fund and the Collegiate Entrepreneur's Organization (CEO) at the University of Oklahoma. Mr. Hendricks also coordinates activities at the Tom Love Innovation Hub, including its renowned fabrication lab that boasts access to laser cutters, 3-D printers, woodworking machines, and circuitry tools. Since being announced as a recipient of the Spring 2020 Sooner Innovation Fund, Mr. Hendricks has been extremely helpful in creating connections, advising in our market research, fund management, and assisting with prototype production.

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